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  Troll Bridge
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Since completing the funding drive for Troll Bridge, we've been inundated with further requests to give us money to put towards the film.  For us, we're in a conundrum.  We had enough money to make the film when we hit $45,000 on Kickstarter.  When we hit $82,000 at the close of the drive, we had enough money to make the film of our dreams.

But far be it for us to convince people otherwise when cash is on the table.

We're still in production, and as such we'll continue accepting contributions.  We'll find a use for the money in Troll Bridge while we're still in a position to spend money on it and continue improving the quality of production.  Filmmaking is expensive, so the sky is somewhat the limit in what we can accept and utilize.

Refusal of such generosity at this point seems insane...

Our Paypal link is to the right. Any contribution made into it - is directly rewarded as per our Kickstarter drive here.  So, if you pledge $50 US dollars - you get a DVD of the finalised film.

And yes, you can also increase your pledge if you've pledged already. We have a database of all details, so you'll automatically get raised to the next level.

We sincerely hope this catches the last few people who wanted to contribute.



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